About Us


Proudly Wear And Carry Forth Your Roots

A Legacy Cascading From The 1950s


Priyangaa, the 4th generation silk saree erudite, descends from a long line of silk saree weavers. She grew up serenaded by silk saree aficionados, inspired by the scent of dyes and skilled handloom weavers who consistently broke stereotypes that limited the true beauty of silk sarees. 

Carrying forward a rich legacy founded in 1950, it was Priyangaa’s father Achutharao, who transcended originality with novelty, won national awards and rose as the leading distributor for several silk saree empires. Mentored by the silk-saree titan, Priyangaa inherits both the legacy, technique, and destiny of the aesthetic silk-saree weavers. Originally, from Tamil Nadu, Kanjivaram, Mrs. Priyanga Achutharao, is an astute entrepreneur of the fourth generation of the “National Award-Winning” family of handloom silk saree weavers. 

Her next-generation store “Priyangaa Roots From Kanjivaram” is a flagbearer of sorts for handlooms, weavers and handcrafts alive and for those who want a silk saree to remain true to their roots. 


Descending from this rich tradition, we still challenge conventions in creativity and design.  However, Priyangaa’s sarees aspire to do one more thing. 

We help you preserve your roots and carry them forth.

We do not despise modernity. Nor are we the vigilante of age-old values. We challenge the notion that tradition and values are hard to carry forth in the modern world with our six yards of seductive silk. With Priyangaa, you boldly brandish and flaunt your unconditional devotion to your roots and values.

By draping our silk sarees, you play your part in challenging the quality, audacity, longevity and values of machine wove silk sarees. You too, question reducing the prestige and lives of our determined handloom weavers to unskilled labour. You proudly exhibit a saree wove by the likes of artisans from the stars and the ancient past, true to your tradition.

With Priyangaa, you stay connected and carry forth your roots.


We strive to preserve your tradition and roots by guaranteeing the livelihoods and reaffirming the skill of handloom weavers who work behind the scene to preserve our tradition. Our mission is to put a Silk-Mark certified silk saree in the hands of every woman in the world.