Return and Refund Policy

The “Return and Refund Policy” informs users about your policy on returns and refunds. We hereby declare that every point mentioned here is a concise decision by Team Priyangaa. It might change in the future depending on conditions and circumstances under which the decisions are made. However, the customer cannot hold the store accountable for any service claims presented against them. With this, we declare 10 statements that are acceptable or not acceptable as far as the return and refunds are concerned.

  • Once sold, the product will not be replaced or taken back for personal reasons or subjective claims. The disorientation of color or texture is priory communicated, and disorientations might happen due to saturation and hue.
  • Once the product is shipped, the product completes the customer’s responsibility. The customer cannot demand a refund due to late delivery or the wrong delivery location. Once the stock is out of our warehouse, we take zero responsibility for the product holding.
  • Before packing, the Team does a final quality check, and only after that the products are shipped can we ensure that the product has null damage and doesn’t have any wear and tear or stains. Thereby if the customer complains of any such damage, proper support documents must be supported.
  • Static Images of Videos with edited cuts aren’t accepted as supporting documents to accept product damages. It takes an unboxing video from removing the courier package to ultimately spreading out the saree along with the pallu and show the damage in the video itself to prove any claims of damage or stains.
  • Uneven Tassels, Threads popping out, or frayed edges aren’t considered damage, and a potential reason for claims as every Product of Priyangaa is handwoven. They are liable to have such possible human errors.
  • In case of any return or refund, the ticket must be raised in the eCommerce shop within 24 hours of the package’s arrival as reported by the delivery agent. Anything post a reasonable time of 24 hours wouldn’t be applicable for return or refund, or replacement.
  • In return or replacement cases, the product should remain untouched and promptly creased and packed as you have received. Every element of the saree and its tags and packaging accessories must be duly returned.
  • The customer should take the return shipping care. Priyangaa doesn’t arrange for a return pickup. The shipping amount will not be refunded. Any amount that is returned under unforeseen circumstances would be reflected in the store wallet, and it can be utilized for further purchases.
  • No cash refunds would be issued under any circumstances, normal or critical.
  • If product tampering or broken seals, do not accept the parcel and instantly get in touch with Priyangaa either through the website or through Whatsapp +91 75500 88643 that our Team will solve your queries for a smooth transition.
  • Once the package is received our team will check if the product is intact with a price tag and will refund in 24 to 48 hrs